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Our Achievements

We have been touring the surroundings of Barcelona in rescue of old and new grunge fans. Our gigs have not had the ressemblance to a Wimbley stadium, but we are getting there slowly... The truth is, wherever we play, people are really pleased with the rememberance of one of the best music eras. It is not uncommon at all that the public know the songs better than ourselves!!

How we Formed

Tributing the 90's should not be incompatible with being in the 21st century...

Answering the original call from Chuchi on social networks, one by one the members of Grunge In Peace were joining the band, and the chemistry was felt right at the spot. We all share a common passion for grunge, despite our different backgrounds, and that is the real boost that pumps up this formation.

Our Future

Play, play, play... it is our wildest here and there, and keep alive the spirit of grunge!!!

Upcoming Events to look forward to

Limerick Bar


Fira Cervesa

Sant Feliu de Llobregat

Fort Pienc. Mercat Artesà


Sala Breakout


Ragna Rock Club




All About The Members of the band...

Victor M. Gordillo

a.k.a. bitCHO

Lead Singer, Guitar

Barcelonian born and raised, he’s been on the road for more than two decades, playing guitar and singing in several bands, he provides our low pitch leading voices to the best of his abilities, and the strong energy of his powerful guitar.

Alejandro Eróstegui

a.k.a. Alex

Lead Singer, Guitar

From the heights of Cochabamba, Bolivia, descends an unstoppable ball of energy that rages on scene and gives the band high pitch vocals and exquisite guitars… from time to time, we unleash his power on stage as the crowd hails in cheers…

Carlos González

a.k.a. Charly

Vocals, Guitar

Shy is my middle name… and I use grunge to defy it… Jump, shout, play, one riff, another lick, whatever it takes to make it sound like there is no tomorrow, but only today… here I am, and I wanna be heard…

Marcelo A. Sacomani

a.k.a. Marce


«The Thing». Omnipresent low frequency. Tone and Groove at the same time. Unleashed on stage. Energy and attitude surrounds him…

Jesús Gil

a.k.a. Chuchi


I’ve been told I have no rythm…I’ve been told I have no groove but I don’t give a dawn shit! I’ll play the beats as hard as I could and I will make you dance until your body is fucked up!! And if I can’t make it…I’ll pay the first round!!

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